Course Name Duration Eligibility
Wireman 2 years
Welding Technology 2 years
Welding Technic 2 years
Welding Fabrication and Automation 2 years
Weld Testing and Quality Management 2 years
Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering 2 years
Visual Design and Arts 2 years
Turner 2 years
Trouble Shooting of Electronics Equipment 2 years
Travel and Tourism Management 2 years
Tool and Die Making 2 years
Tool & Die Maker (M&D) 2 years
Tool & Die Maker (J&M) 2 years
Tool & Die Maker (J&F) 2 years
Textile Wet Processing and Technology 2 years
Textile Processing and Technology 2 years
Technician Power Electronics System
Technician Medical Electronics
Technician Mechatronics 2 years
T.V. and Video System 2 years
Surveyor 2 years
Structure Fabrication 2 years
Structural Fabricator and Repair Technology 2 years
Stream Turbine Cum Auxiliary Plant operator 2 years
Sheet metal worker 2 years
Rubber Technician (SCVT) 2 years
Repairs and Rewinding of Electrical Domestic Appliances 2 years
Repairs and Rewinding of Electric Motor 2 years
Repairs and Rewinding of Electric Motor 2 years
Repair & Maintenance of Biomedical Equipments 2 years
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 2 years
Radio and Audio System 2 years
Radar and Satellites Communication 2 years
Pump Operator cum Mechanic 2 years
Programming and system administration Assistant with pass in XII science(Physics,Maths, Chemistry) 2 years
Production Quality Contro 2 years
Production & Manufacturing Sector 2 years
Production & Manufacturing 2 years
Process Control and Process Instrumentation 2 years
Power Electrician 2 years
PLC and Its Application 2 years
Plastic Processing Operator 2 years
Plastic Mould Maker (SCVT) 2 years
Pipe Fitter 2 years
Painter General 2 years
Operator cum Mechanic (Power Plant)
Operator Adv. Machine Tool 2 years
Offset Printing Technician 2 years
Multimedia Internet Technology 2 years
Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship 2 years
Microprocessor and Microcontroller 2 years
Medical Lab Technician 2 years
Mechanical Technology 2 years
Mechanical Technician
Mechanical Mechatronics 2 years
Mechanical Engineering 2 years
Mechanical Computer Hardware 2 years
Mechanical & Medical Electronics 2 years
Mechanic Television (video) 2 years
Mechanic Ref. & Air conditioning 2 years
Mechanic Radio & TV 2 years
Mechanic Radio & Radar Air Craft 2 years
Mechanic Motor Vehicle 2 years
Mechanic Medical Electronics 2 years
Mechanic Mechatronics 2 years
Mechanic Maint. (Textile Machinery) 2 years
Mechanic Industrial Electronics 2 years
Mechanic Diesel 2 years
Mechanic cum Operator Electronics Communication System 2 years
Mechanic cum Operator 2 years
Mechanic Consumer Electronics 2 years
Mechanic Computer Hardware 2 years
Mechanic Communication Equipment Maintenance 2 years
Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronic
Mechanic (Mining Machiner) 2 years
Mechanic (earth Moving Machinery) 2 years
Mechanic (Dairy Maint.)
Mech. Marine Diesel 2 years
Mech. Machine Tool Maint / Mechanic Millwright Maint 2 years
Mech. Computer Hardware 2 years
Material Testing and Heat Treatment 2 years
Mat. Handling Equip. 2 years
Mason Building Constructor 2 years
Marine Fitter 2 years
Maint. Mechanic(Chem. Plant) 2 years
Machinist Grinder 2 years
Machinist 2 years
Machine Advacne Machine Tool Maint. 2 years
Machine (Agri. Machinery) 2 years
Mach. Machine Tool Maint./ Mechanic Millwright Maint. 2 years
Litho Offset Machine Minder 2 years
Lineman 2 years
Lift Mechanic 2 years
Landscape Architecture 2 years
Laboratory Management & Ethics (P3) 2 years
Lab. Asst. (Chem. Plant) 2 years
Interior Decoration and Designing 2 years
Interior CAD Operator 2 years
Instrument Mechanic (Chemical Plant) 2 years
Instrument Mechanic 2 years
Instrument Mechanic 2 years
Installation, Maintenance and Servicing of Medical Equipment 2 years
Information Technology 2 years
Information Communication Technology System Maintenance 2 years
Info. Tech. & Electronic System Maintenance 2 years
Industrial Technology 2 years
Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 2 years
Industrial Instrument Electronics 2 years
Industrial Electronics 2 years
Industrial Automation 2 years
Illumination Engineering 2 years
Hydraulics and Pneumatics 2 years
Hotel Operations 2 years
Hospitality Management 2 years
Histotechnology (P2) 2 years
High Voltage Engineering 2 years
Graphic Design Technician 2 years
General Welding 2 years
General Fitter cum Mechanic 2 years
Furniture making and Designing 2 years
Furniture Making 2 years
Food Production General 2 years
Fitter 2 years
Fiber Reinforced Plastic Processor 2 years
Fashion Designing & Clothing Construction 2 years
Fabrication (F & W) 2 years
Exterior and Interior Design 2 years
Engineering Metrology 2 years
Electroplating 2 years
Electroplater 2 years
Electronics Technology (J1/J2/J3) 2 years
Electronics Instruments and Measurement 2 years
Electronics Communication System 2 years
Electronics 2 years
Electronic Technology(EA/EB/EC) 2 years
Electronic Mechanic 2 years
Electrician Power Distribution 2 years
Electrician Air Craft
Electrician (Steel Plant) 2 years
Electrician (Mines) 2 years
Electrician 2 years
Electrical Wiring Estimation and Costing 2 years
Electrical Technology(FA/FB/FC) 2 years
Electrical Engineering 2 years
Electrical 2 years
Electric Appliances Maintenance (J4/J5/J6) 2 years
DTP Technic 2 years
Driver cum Fitter 2 years
Draftsman Mechanical 2 years
Draftsman Civil 2 years
Draftsman Architecture 2 years
Digital and Data Communication 2 years
Data Preparation and Comp. Software 2 years
Dairy Farming 2 years
Consumer Electronics 2 years
Construction Technology(HA/HB/HC)
Construction Surveying 2 years
Construction Machinery cum Operator 2 years
Construction & Wood Working 2 years
Computerized Printing Technology 2 years
Computer Web Technology 2 years
Computer Technology(JA/JB/JC) 2 years
Computer Techniques (X1/X2/X3) 2 years
Computer System Analyst 2 years
Computer Software Technology 2 years
Computer Software Design 2 years
Computer Software Consultant 2 years
Computer Science 2 years
Computer Programming 2 years
Computer Operator
Computer Operating System Analyst 2 years
Computer Network Administrator 2 years
Computer Network 2 years
Computer Java Programmer 2 years
Computer information Technology 2 years
Computer Graphics 2 years
Computer DTP Technica 2 years
Computer Design Technician 2 years
Computer CNC Programmer 2 years
Computer CAD Technique 2 years
Computer Assembling & Design 2 years
Computer Application 2 years
Computer Animation 2 years
Computer Aided Design (CAD) 2 years
CNC Turning 2 years
CNC Programming and Machining 2 years
Clinical Pathology and Haematology Blood Bank (P1) 2 years
Civil Engg. Assistant 2 years
Chemical Sector (Advance Module in Instrument Mechanic & Advance Mechanic Instruments) 2 years
Chemical 2 years
Catering and Restaurant Management 2 years
CAD CAM 2 years
Cable Jointer 2 years
Building Services and Maintenance 2 years
Building Maintenance 2 years
Building construction Technology 2 years
Building Construction Supervisor 2 years
Building Construction and Plumbing 2 years
Building Construction Management 2 years
Boiler Attendant 2 years
Biomedical Instrumentation Radiology and Imaging 2 years
Basics of Tourism Aviation Industry 2 years
Basic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 2 years
Automotive Manufacturing 2 years
Automobile Electronics 2 years
Automobile 2 years
Auto Mech. 2/3 wheeler 2 years
Auto Engineering Technician (K1/K2/K3) 2 years
Auto Engineering Technician (GA/GB/GC) 2 years
Auto Engineering Technician 2 years
Auto Electrician 2 years
Auto CAD Technic 2 years
Attendant Operator (Chem. Plant) 2 years
Armature Winder 2 years
Architectural Graphic Designer 2 years
Architectural Dman (SCVT) 2 years
Architect Draftsman 2 years
6 Apparel 2 years
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician 2 years
Agriculture Engineering 2 years
Advance Machine Tool Operator 2 years


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